Ambrose and Rebecca Ferber first met in 1993 at Santa Fe Preparatory school, where they were both students. At the time Ambrose was a senior and Bex was a freshman, the dirty old man! The catalyst for meeting was Prep's production of Drood: The Mystery of Edwin Drood, in which they performed. They flirted during rehearsal, Ambrose grilled Bex on her science fair project (he was a judge--yes, he scored her high), and Bex laughed at Ambrose's bizarre costume phase. At the cast party for Drood, he threw her in a pool with her clothes on.

How could they not fall in love?

Well, they did. And it was difficult for them both when, after taking a year off, Ambrose headed off for Kenyon College in Ohio. It was a tough nine months, and on his return they both knew he couldn't go back. So he took another year off to figure it out. Bex, just about to graduate from high school, had one foot on the Colorado State University campus already, having had a life long dream of veterinary medicine. Ambrose was interested in graphic design and art, and CSU has a pretty good department ; he applied for transfer, she applied as a freshman. They both got in and moved all their stuff to Fort Collins.

Two years of dorm living proved near fatal, so in 1998 they found a very cool little place on Remington Street with their friend Nik, who had just graduated from Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. The three of them lived there for a year, then Nik moved out. Brose and Bex kept the big old cool place to themselves for about a year.

In January of 1999, Brose proposed to Bex; a story that may warrant its own section someday. Anyway, on May 28th, 2000, they were married. It was a very cool day, with a really rockin' party. They were absolutely deluged with friends and family, who lavished so much love and support on them it's surprising they didn't float into oblivion. There are some cool stories from the wedding, which will undoubtedly be written up and posted, or you can just talk to them, and they'll tell you all about it.

A few months after the wedding, Brose and Bex moved from the place on Remington into the tiniest house anyone has ever successfully lived in. They lived there a little over a year with Dao-Ling the sweet Siamese pussy cat, some fish, Latte and Asia the Free Rat-icals and the Uber-Dorky Greyhound Apache. Both graduated from CSU (Brose and Bex, that is, not the dog or the rats: Brose Dec'99, Bex Dec '00). Brose is now an art director, Bex has gone back to school for her teacher licensure in secondary school agricultural education (she decided not to be a vet). Update: Bex is taking a leave of absence from school (and may very well not go back at all) to decide what she really wants to do. Teaching may not be it, or at least teaching ag-ed won't be it. Maybe construction and carpentry. More news as events warrant.

One of Ambrose's bosses encouraged him to look into buying a house. After a very curious and difficult process involving the World's Worst Mortgage Lender (North American Mortgage Lending Co.), they were finally able to buy the Beach House (named so cuz it's on Beech St.) September 29th, 2001. They live there now, and love their tiny but cute first home.

The animals love it, too.