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Phrase Spoonerism Submitter
03/29/09 Neat 'n' Tidy Teat in Nightie Bex
03/29/09 Frail Bones Braille Phones Ambrose
03/08/08 Handeyside Sandy Hide Nacho
02/27/08 Sucking a Finger Fucking a Singer Bex
02/19/08 Bodysuit Soddy Boot Nacho
Archived List :: 823 Spoonerisms
Date Phrase Spoonerism Submitter
03/27/03 A Beer Store Austere Boar Nacho
11/04/02 A Boot Store Astute Boar Nik
05/26/06 A lot of RAM A rot of lamb Nacho
04/16/06 a quarter of a dozen a daughter of a cousin rufuss
03/20/03 Ace of Spades Space of AIDS Nacho
03/28/07 back slob slack bob rufuss
04/08/06 bacon & egss achin' & begs rufuss
04/09/03 Bad Dude Dad Booed Nacho
08/16/06 bad glutton glad button rufuss
03/28/07 bad manners mad banners rufuss
03/02/04 Bad News Nad Booze Nacho
10/27/02 Bag Hanger Hag Banger Nik
10/27/02 Bag Holder Hag Boulder Nik
07/29/06 baker's rack raker's back rufuss
04/01/07 bald cutter called butter rufuss
02/06/03 bandicoots candy boots Bex
09/13/02 Bandolier Land o' Beer Ambrose
08/16/06 bang hole hang bowl rufuss
04/18/03 Bards Tale Tards Bale Nacho
05/12/03 Bare Feats Fair Beets Nik
11/16/05 Bareback Riding Rare Rack Biting Nacho
04/06/04 Barrier Testing Terrier Besting Nacho
10/12/02 Bartender Tar Bender Ambrose Ferber
06/05/07 beach towels teach bowels Rufuss
03/20/03 Bean Curd Keen Bird Nacho
08/15/06 bear skin rug rare skin bug rufuss
06/09/07 Beer Pitcher Peer Bitcher Nacho
03/24/04 Beer Tasting Tear Basting Nacho
05/12/03 Benchmark Mensch Bark Nik
03/27/03 Betamax Made o Backs Nacho
05/12/03 Betel Nut Needle Butt Nik
03/18/03 Big Farter Fig Barter Nacho
03/20/03 Big Fib Fig Bib Nacho
06/09/07 Big Pitcher Pig Bitcher Nacho
05/10/03 Big Weenie Wig Beanie Nacho
03/18/03 Bigger Chunk Chigger Bunk Nacho
03/27/03 Bigger Nerd Nigger Bird Nacho
05/20/04 Bigger Nuts Nigger Butts Adam (1st letter reciprication)
06/16/07 Bing Cherries Ch'ing (Qing) Berries Nacho
04/01/07 bird pet purred bet rufuss
08/17/06 bird toy turd boy rufuss
07/31/06 bird watch word botch rufuss
03/27/07 Black Lister Lack Blister Nacho
03/28/07 black studies stack bloodies rufuss
10/12/02 Blimey Seas Slimy Bees Ambrose Ferber
03/27/03 Bloody Murder Muddy Blurter Nacho
05/10/03 Blow a Fuse Flo Abuse (Shut up, Flo!) Nik
03/20/03 Blue Heron Who Blarin? Nacho
04/12/06 boar's head whore's bed rufuss
03/15/07 Boar's Head Whore's Bed Ambrose
05/10/03 Bobble Head Hobble Bed Nik
02/27/06 Bobsled Slob Bed Ambrose
02/19/08 Bodysuit Soddy Boot Nacho
07/21/03 Bok Choy Chalk Boy Nacho
04/01/07 bold cutter cold butter rufuss
08/16/06 bolt cutter colt butter rufuss
03/28/07 bone loss loan boss rufuss
06/04/03 Boots of Flying Flutes of Buying Nacho
08/16/06 Booty Snitch Snooty Bitch rufuss
05/10/03 Bored out of his gourd Gored out of his board Nik n' Nate
05/17/07 born poor porn bore Rufuss
03/12/03 Botched the Crumb Cake Crotched the Bum Cake Dan Hill
05/10/06 Bowling Pros Polling Brose Nacho
03/22/03 Box Cutter Cocks Butter Nacho
04/16/07 box fan fox ban Rufuss
04/07/03 Brachs Candy Cocks Brandy Nacho
04/01/07 brain dead Dane bread rufuss
05/19/07 Break the Fall Fake the Brawl Nacho
05/11/06 Breast Donor Dressed Boner Nacho
03/18/03 Briar Patch Prior Batch Nacho
11/10/07 Bright Red Right Bread Nacho
03/27/03 Brose Ferber Froze Berber Nacho
06/15/07 Bruce Lee Loose Brie Nacho
05/10/03 Bubble Head Hubble Bed Nacho
03/28/07 bubble stone stubble bone rufuss
11/21/05 bullfight full bite Bex
03/27/03 Bulwark Wool Bark Nacho
04/24/06 Bums in Your Carol Cums in Your Barrel Bex
03/19/07 bung hole hung bowl rufuss
10/27/02 Bunt Cake Cunt Bake Nik
04/12/06 burning out earning bout rufuss
03/18/03 Burning Spear Spurning Beer Nacho
03/28/07 burp sleep slurp beep rufuss
12/30/06 Buster Keaton Custer beaten rufuss
05/11/06 Buying Flowers Flying Bauers Nacho
07/01/07 Byron, Keats & Shelley Chiron,Sheets & Belly Rufuss
04/01/07 called banter bald cantor rufuss
03/18/03 Car Talk Tar Cock (ouch!) Nacho
04/12/06 car wash war cash rufuss
08/13/06 card board bard chord rufuss
03/20/03 Cardboard Bard Chord Nacho
03/09/07 cash flight flash kite rufuss
03/19/07 cash flow flash cow rufuss
04/27/04 Castle Rock Wrastle Cock (yeee haaw!!) Nacho
07/30/06 cat chow chat cow rufuss
11/11/02 Cat Farts Fat Carts Bex Ferber
03/04/07 cat fleas flat keys rufuss
09/12/02 Cat Food Fat Cooed Ambrose Ferber
03/18/03 Cave Dweller Dave Queller (shut up, Dave) Nacho
08/14/06 cave slop slave cop rufuss
08/14/06 cave slum slave come rufuss
11/04/02 Charming Fart Farming Chart Nik
03/21/03 Cheese Squares Squeeze Chairs Nacho
05/08/06 Cheesy apples Easy Chapels Bex Ferber
05/11/03 Chess Geek Guess Cheek Nik
03/28/07 chest pains pest chains rufuss
05/19/04 Chex Mix Mex Chicks Adam (1st letter reciprication)
05/11/06 Chicken Breast Brick in chest Nacho
11/03/05 Chili Fries Frilly Chais Nacho
08/13/06 Chinese are monkey My knees are chunky rufuss
08/16/06 chop more please plop more cheese rufuss
11/16/05 Christmas Missed Chris Nacho
03/19/07 chuck fest fuck chest rufuss
05/10/03 Chunky and Mild Monkey and Child Nik
03/25/03 Chunky Guy Gunky Chai Nacho
11/16/05 Chunky Hips Hunky Chips Nacho
11/30/06 Clam Dip Damn Clip Nacho
05/18/07 clean jews gene clues Rufuss
05/10/03 Clean Spit Spleen Kit Nacho
08/15/06 clock works wok clerks rufuss
10/28/05 Clothes Hamper Hose Clamper Nahcho
08/06/06 clown shoes shown clues rufuss
05/31/07 clunky Jew junky clue Rufuss
05/11/03 Cluster Bomb Bluster Calm Nik
03/18/03 Clustered Mass Mustard Class Nacho
03/14/07 Cocaine Spoon Spokane Coon Nacho
10/27/02 Cock Pain Pock Cain Nik
03/22/03 Cockroach Rock Coach Nacho
05/10/03 Coffee Table Toffee Cable Nacho
10/27/02 Coiled Socks Soiled Cocks Nik
04/01/07 cold banter bold canter rufuss
03/19/03 Cold Mustard Mold Custard Nacho
03/28/07 cold soup sold coop rufuss
05/11/03 Coleslaw Soul Claw Nacho
03/20/03 Concho Belts Bunch o Celts Nacho
04/25/07 Concho Belts Bunch o' Celts Nacho
03/27/03 Cool Phrase Fool Craze Nacho
07/19/07 cool rage rule cage Rufuss
02/20/07 cop stalking stop talking adrienne
03/18/03 Corn Flake Floor n Cake Nacho
05/24/04 Coupon Puke On Ambrose
03/19/03 Crack Smoker Smack Croaker Nacho
05/16/07 crap Jew Jap crew rufuss
03/27/03 Crappy Guys Gappy Cries Nacho
03/23/03 Crazed Dude Dazed Crude Nacho
06/18/03 Crime Lab Lime Crab Nik
05/10/06 Croquet Ball Bouquet Crawl Nacho
02/27/06 Crowdpleaser Plowed Creaser Ambrose
07/19/07 cruel and dry drool and cry Rufuss
07/19/07 cruel dream drool cream Rufuss
05/18/07 cruel Jap jewel crap Rufuss
05/18/07 cruel Jew jewel crew Rufuss
07/19/07 cruel joke jewel croak Rufuss
07/19/07 cruel poke pool croak Rufuss
07/19/07 cruel pose pool crows Rufuss
08/13/06 crunchy bones bunchy crones rufuss
12/03/04 Crushing Blow Blushing Crow
01/30/04 Cunning stunt Stunning cunt Haywood Jabloughmie
05/10/03 Curious Space Spurious Case Nate
05/27/06 Curry Farts Furry Carts Bex
05/27/06 Curry Fat Furry Cat Bex
03/20/03 Dairy Queen Query Dean Nacho
12/13/05 Damn Scary Scam Dairy Nacho
06/18/03 Damn them all to Hell! Ham them all to Dell! Nik
06/16/07 Damn Whore Ham Door Nacho
03/06/04 Dan Hill Handle SpoonKing
03/19/07 Danish bust banish dust rufuss
03/27/03 Dapper Gent Japper Dent Nacho
07/14/07 dark and quiet quark and diet Rufuss
03/06/04 Dead Wrong Red Dong Nacho
08/07/05 Dear Old Queen Queer Old Dean Jesse
05/28/03 Deep Pockets Peep Dockets Nacho
11/16/05 Deep Water Weep Daughter Nacho
04/12/06 demented love lamented dove rufuss
04/12/06 demented sex cemented decks rufuss
05/19/06 Dented the rear Rented the deer Nacho
11/26/02 Dewey Pump Pooey Dump Lyn Janiga
03/26/03 Dickhead Hick Dead Nacho
03/04/04 Dipshit Shipped it Nacho
04/22/03 Dirty Nagger Nerdy Dagger Nik
03/02/04 Dirty Nigger Nerdy Digger Nacho
12/20/06 Dirty Pants Purty Dance Nacho
03/20/03 Dirty Whore Hurty Doer Nacho
05/10/03 Dog Fart Fog Dart Nik
05/10/03 Dog Feeler Fog Dealer Nik
09/12/02 Dog Food Fog Dude Thain Maurer
05/10/03 Dog Prancer Prog Dancer Nik
05/10/03 Dog Prancer Prague Dancer Nik
02/02/04 Dogfucker Fog Ducker Nacho
05/11/03 Doing Well Wooing Dell Nacho
08/16/06 Doodle Strip Studel Dip rufuss
08/16/06 Doodle Strip Strudel Dip rufuss
07/07/07 Doofuss Rue Rufuss Due Sufurs
03/02/06 Double Stick Stubble Dick Nacho
03/11/07 doubt trust trout dust rufuss
08/16/06 down size sound eyes rufuss
03/27/03 Drama Troupe Trauma Droop Nacho
06/26/07 Dry the Towels Try the Dowels Nacho
07/18/06 Dumb Thread Thumb Dread Nacho
03/19/07 dump truck trump duck rufuss
04/01/07 eat the grass greet the ass rufuss
04/12/06 eating grapes greeting apes rufuss
02/14/08 Eating Rice Reading Ice Nacho
04/12/07 eye pad pie ad rufuss
03/27/03 Fairy Beast Berry Feast Nacho
11/11/02 Fairy Dog Dairy Fog Bex Ferber
10/27/02 Fairy Hat Hairy Fat Nik
03/28/07 fake weather wake feather rufuss
05/24/04 Falls Through the Cracks Crawls Through the Fax Ambrose
04/06/04 Farscape Scarf Ape Nacho
11/20/05 Farty Towels Tarty Fowls Bex
03/17/07 fast luck last fuck rufuss
03/02/04 Fat Chicks Chat Fix Nacho
03/22/03 Fat Dude Dat Food Nacho
04/01/07 feather light leather fight rufuss
04/08/06 feature attraction teach her a fraction rufuss
06/01/07 Fiddle Player Piddle Flayer Nacho
08/13/06 File Smart smile fart rufuss
04/18/03 FileMaker Mile Faker Nacho
08/18/07 Final Spin Spinal Fin Nacho
03/28/07 fine lace line face rufuss
03/08/07 fire log liar fog rufuss
04/01/07 fire place plier face rufuss
04/13/06 fire wall wire fall rufuss
03/08/07 fire wood wire food rufuss
08/16/06 first base burst face rufuss
08/06/06 fish cakes kitsch fakes rufuss
05/11/03 Flashing Red Lashing Fred Nacho
03/19/07 flat bed bat fled rufuss
11/04/02 Flickering Light Lickering Flight or Lickering Fight Nik
05/24/04 Flipping the Channel Chipping the Flannel Ambrose
10/09/02 Flock of Bats Block of Fats Ambrose Ferber
03/28/07 floor mat more flat rufuss
08/10/06 floor tech tore fleck rufuss
03/11/07 floor wax wore flax rufuss
05/18/07 flunk Jew junk flew Rufuss
05/11/06 Flying Dragons Drying Flagons Nacho
09/12/02 Food Mart Mood Fart Ambrose Ferber
03/06/07 food writer rude fighter rufuss
03/23/03 Foreplay Pore Flay Nacho
05/10/03 Forum Starter Store em, Farter Nik
02/27/06 Forum Tools Tore 'em, fools Ambrose
05/24/04 Foul Beast Bowel Feast Ambrose
04/08/06 fourteen miles more teen files/morphine tiles rufuss
03/29/09 Frail Bones Braille Phones Ambrose
05/06/03 Freak Show Chic Fro Nacho
05/06/03 Freak Show Shriek Foe Nacho
03/12/03 Freezes in that Jogging Suit Jesus in that Frogging Suit Dan Hill
03/04/07 French clock clench frock rufuss
05/08/03 Fried Dough Dyed Fro Nacho
05/08/03 Fried Drow Dried Frau Nacho
04/06/04 Frozen Bread Brose 'n Fred Nacho
03/28/07 fuck maggot muck faggot rufuss
03/19/07 fuck tits tuck fits rufuss
05/05/06 Fuck, Dude!! Nacho
05/05/06 Fucking Dogs Ducking Fogs Nacho
08/12/03 Fucking Dork Ducking Fork Nacho
06/25/03 Fucking Teachers! Tucking Features! Nacho
06/28/07 fun and game gun and fame Rufuss
08/04/06 fun kneeling nun feeling rufuss
01/10/07 Funky Man Monkey Fan Nacho
03/19/07 funky mix monkey fix rufuss
12/03/04 Funny Bone Bunny Phone
08/05/05 Furiously Sucking Seriously Fucking Ambrose
07/19/07 fussy parts pussy farts Rufuss
10/29/02 Game Later Lame Gator Nik
08/13/06 garden hose hard and goes rufuss
02/02/04 Gay Dude Dey Good Nacho
03/17/07 geek mess meek guess rufuss
03/17/07 geek murder meek girder rufuss
03/20/03 Geek Out Eeek! Gout! Nacho
06/07/07 Geek Squad Squeak God Nacho
04/24/03 Gendog Den....jog! Nacho
04/12/06 genetic frog frenetic jog rufuss
04/01/07 German soak sermon joke rufuss
04/01/07 German sock sermon jock rufuss
05/11/03 German Vale Vermin Jail Nik
04/01/07 German Vet vermin jet rufuss
04/01/07 German vigor vermin jigger rufuss
04/01/07 German volley vermin jolly rufuss
06/01/07 Ghost Writer Roast Tiger Nacho
08/16/06 glad bitter bad glitter rufuss
05/10/06 Glass Cleaner Class Gleaner Nacho
02/04/03 Go away! Whoa, a gay! Ambrose
05/10/03 Go have fun Foe have gun! Nik
08/05/06 going rate rowing gate rufuss
05/10/03 Going Soon Sewing Goon Nacho
10/27/02 Gold Cap Cold Gap Nik
05/31/07 Good One Wood Gun Nacho
08/27/06 Good Santa says,"Who would like to 'sleep' in my bed?" Bad Santa says,"Who would like to 'beep' in my sled?" rufuss
02/23/04 Googly eyes Ugly guys Nacho
03/17/07 grab tits tab grits rufuss
08/02/06 great hits hate grits rufuss
11/16/05 Great Lox Late Groks Nacho
03/17/03 Grilled Cheese Chilled Grease Nacho
07/14/07 groin laser loin grazer Rufuss
08/08/06 ground beef bound grief rufuss ( no ads please )
03/30/03 Groundhog Day Hound Dog, Gray Nacho
06/08/07 growing mass mowing grass Rufuss
06/08/07 grown mass mown grass Rufuss
03/26/04 Gun Nuts Nun Guts Nacho
05/10/03 Gun Shy Shun Guy Nik
07/11/05 gut buster butt guster Big City Burrito
03/09/07 hair ball bare hall rufuss
10/27/02 Hair Rag Rare Hag Nik
05/22/07 hair store stare whore Rufuss
05/06/06 Hairball Bear Hall Nacho
03/15/07 hairs of cunt cares of hunt rufuss
12/01/05 hairy bat berry hat Bex Ferber
05/09/06 Hairy Butts Berry Huts Bex Ferber
05/09/06 Hairy Dicks Dairy Hicks Bex Ferber
05/10/03 Hairy Dog Dairy Hog Nik
06/02/04 Hairy Minge Mary Hinge CeeJay
03/19/07 ham roll ram hole rufuss
07/28/06 hand grips grand hips rufuss
03/19/07 hand scum scanned hum rufuss
03/19/07 hand turd tanned herd rufuss
03/08/08 Handeyside Sandy Hide Nacho
03/08/07 handle with care candle with hair rufuss
05/11/06 Hapless Chick Chapless Hick Nacho
03/18/03 Happy Gilmore Gappy Mill Whore Nacho
03/20/03 Happy Nerd Nappy Herd Nacho
03/20/03 Happy Rabbit Rappy Habit Nacho
03/17/03 Happy Sound Sappy Hound Nacho
05/06/06 Hard Bed Bard Head Nacho
04/07/03 Hardcore Card Whore Nacho
11/06/07 Harm's Way Warms Hay Nacho
03/19/07 hate money mate honey rufuss
03/15/07 hate the day date the hay rufuss
05/19/06 Hated that book Baited that hook Nacho
03/23/03 Haughty Pear Potty Hair Nacho
05/24/04 Hazel Nut Nasal Hut Ambrose
08/10/06 head band bed hand rufuss
03/19/03 Head Banger Bed Hanger Nacho
07/14/04 Heal the Sick Seal the Hick Danny
05/11/03 Healight Lead Height Nik
05/24/04 Healing the Sick Sealing the Hick Ambrose
07/30/06 healthy weight wealthy hate rufuss
06/22/07 heap chores cheap whores Rufuss
05/11/06 Heart Donor Dart Honer Nacho
02/19/07 heart-stopping start hopping rufuss
10/08/02 Heated Mouse Meated House Ambrose Ferber
03/20/03 Hello Dolly Dell o Holly Nacho
09/14/02 Herd of Turtles Turd of Hurdles Sunda
03/24/04 Hey, you! Yay! Who? Nacho
11/16/05 Hi, chicks! Chai Hicks Nacho G.
08/13/06 hickory chunks chicory hunks rufuss
12/01/05 highchair chai hair Bex
08/05/06 higher priced prior heist rufuss
06/06/07 higher world wire hurled Rufuss
03/20/03 Hiking Boots Biking Hoots Nacho
12/08/02 Hissing Cats Kissing Hats Bex
06/22/07 hitch ball bitch hall Rufuss
06/22/07 hitch bore bitch whore Rufuss
06/22/07 hitch ride rich hide Rufuss
06/04/07 hoarding bags boarding hags Rufuss
03/28/04 Hog Mog Mog Hog Unknown
03/28/07 hold tight told height rufuss
08/17/06 home fogger foam hoggeer rufuss
03/23/03 Homeless Cat Combless Hat Nacho
03/23/03 Homeless Dog Domeless Hog Nacho
06/26/03 Honda Cog Conned a Hog Nacho
02/04/03 Honey Bear Bunny Hair Bex
03/14/07 Honey Roast Runny Host Nacho
05/19/06 Horsefeather Force Heather Nacho
05/10/03 Hot Dog Dot Hog Everyone, really
11/20/05 Hot Log Lot Hog Bex
04/12/06 hot shower shot hour rufuss
05/31/07 Housemate Mouse Hate Nacho
03/19/03 Howdy Partner Pouty Hardener Nacho
04/22/03 Huck Finn Fuck Hinn Shestaken
03/18/03 Hummingbird Bumming Herd Nacho
04/13/03 Humping Bugs Bumping Hugs Nacho
05/05/06 Humping Dogs Dumping Hogs Nacho
08/25/07 Ice Water Wise Otter Nacho
08/31/05 iChat Chai Hat Bex
12/22/06 If the shoe fits... If the foo shits... greg
11/23/04 Iron Britches Brian Itches Nacho
04/05/04 Jelly Beans Belly Jeans Nacho
05/24/07 Jew blacks blue jacks Rufuss
07/14/07 Jew bleep blue jeep Rufuss
05/17/07 Jew blessed blue jest rufuss
05/24/07 Jew blocks blue jocks Rufuss
07/14/07 Jew blog blue jog Rufuss
05/17/07 Jew bloke blue joke rufuss
05/18/07 Jew breast brew jest Rufuss
05/17/07 Jew broke brew joke rufuss
05/24/07 Jew cello chew Jello Rufuss
05/24/07 Jew cheeses chew Jesus Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew choke chew joke Rufuss
07/19/07 jew clerk clue jerk Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew clock clue jock Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew clump clue jump Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew cracking crew jacking Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew fear few jeer Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew finks few jinks Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew folks few jokes Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew glamour glue jammer Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew graded grew jaded Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew hips who gyps? Rufuss
05/17/07 Jew humps who jumps Rufuss
04/12/07 jew nigger new jigger rufuss
05/24/07 Jew niggle new jiggle Rufuss
05/14/07 Jew noise new joys rufuss
05/18/07 Jew pigs pew jigs Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew punk pew junk Rufuss
07/14/07 Jew scraps screw Japs Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew shingle shoe jingle Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew ship shoe gyp Rufuss
05/14/07 Jew Shock shoe jock rufuss
05/18/07 Jew shock shoe jock Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew slap slew Jap Rufuss
05/23/07 Jew socks sue jocks Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew sperm spew germ Rufuss
05/18/07 Jew spunk spew junk Rufuss
05/14/07 Jew trap true Jap rufuss
05/24/07 Jew trump true jump Rufuss
05/16/07 Jew turkey too jerky rufuss
05/23/07 Jew's heap whose jeep Rufuss
05/24/07 Jew's holly whose jolly Rufuss
05/24/07 Jew's hunk whose junk Rufuss
05/18/07 Jews snail snooze jail Rufuss
05/18/07 Jews snap snooze Jap Rufuss
05/18/07 Jews snuggle snooze juggle Rufuss
07/19/07 jolly few folly jew Rufuss
04/06/04 Jumping into Bunkers Bumping into Junkers Nacho
03/18/03 Junk Food Funk Jude Nacho
03/12/03 Junk Mail Monk Jail Bex
06/17/07 junk science sunk giants Rufuss
03/12/03 Junky Mail Monkey Jail Bex
03/25/03 Just Load Lust Joad (Grapes of Wrath porn version) Nacho
05/14/07 just true trust Jew rufuss
05/10/03 Keen Wit Wean Kit Nik
04/01/07 keep the book beep the cook rufuss
10/09/02 Ken doll Den call Ambrose Ferber
12/04/07 Kermit Hill Hermit Kill Nacho
08/06/06 key ring reeking rufuss
05/09/06 Keys are in the Basket Bees are in the Casket Bex Ferber
04/09/03 Keyword Wee Kurd Nacho
07/31/06 kick start stick cart rufuss
05/14/07 Kike's looking likes cooking rufuss
05/10/03 Kill Spoons Spill Coons Nik
03/02/04 Killing Time Tilling Chyme Nacho
07/31/06 kissed a pup pissed a cup rufuss
08/13/06 lamb with rice ram with lice rufuss
03/27/03 Lame Dude Dame Lewd Nacho
05/16/03 Lame-o Aim Low Nacho
03/17/07 land grab grand lab rufuss
10/27/02 Late Beverage Bait Leverage Nik
08/06/06 lawsuit saw loot rufuss
03/11/06 laying awake weighing a lake jacobus
07/03/07 lean grease green lease Rufuss
03/28/07 lets go gets low rufuss
06/08/04 Letter Box Better Lox Bex
03/08/07 light sauce sight loss rufuss
03/15/07 light truck trite luck rufuss
05/10/03 Like Mayors Mike Layers Nik
01/10/06 Litter Box Bitter Lox Nacho
04/06/04 Little Piece Piddle Lease Nacho
03/22/03 Long Hair Hong Lair Nacho
05/12/03 Long River Wrong Liver Nacho
03/18/03 Long Road Wrong Load Nacho
05/08/06 Long Road Wrong Load Bex Ferber
05/31/07 long to read wrong to lead Rufuss
03/05/04 Longsword Song Lord Nacho
08/16/06 loose chains choose lanes rufuss
03/19/07 loose muck moose luck rufuss
04/28/03 Lucky Day Ducky Lay Nacho
02/06/06 Lunatic Tuna Lick Nacho
05/10/06 Lung Donor Dung Loaner Bex Ferber
03/19/07 lynx juice jinx loose rufuss
10/28/02 Mac Plus Plaque Muss Nik
05/08/06 Mad Rice Rad Mice Bex Ferber
03/20/03 Magic Trick Tragic Mick (Jagger?) Nacho
08/06/06 magic tricks tragic mix rufuss
03/28/07 mail bomb bail mom rufuss
04/13/07 mail tricks trail mix rufuss
09/14/02 Making Babies Baking Maybe's Rebecca
08/13/06 making bales baking males rufuss
04/13/07 male trap trail map rufuss
04/13/07 male trash trail mash rufuss
04/13/07 male trend trail mend rufuss
04/13/07 male trial trail mile rufuss
04/13/07 male trucker trail mucker rufuss
04/13/07 male trunk trail monk rufuss
04/13/07 male tryst trail mist rufuss
05/28/04 Martini Fixin's Fartini Mixin's Ambrose
03/19/07 massive piss passive miss rufuss
03/18/03 Master of Puppets Pasture of Muppets Nacho
04/03/04 Master Plan Plaster Man Nacho
11/26/06 master plan plaster man rufuss
05/11/06 Master Race Raster Mace Nacho
06/18/04 Mayflower Flay Maurer Nacho
10/27/07 Meat & Cheese Plate Cheat and Please Mate Nacho
11/12/06 Men's Bath Room Ben's Math Room Rufuss
02/16/07 Mental Faculties Fackle Mentleties Aaron
05/27/06 Merry Chase Cherry Mace Ambrose Ferber
05/10/03 Midden Hog Hidden Mog (like a cat, you know...) Nik
04/25/07 Middle Part Piddle Mart Nacho
08/16/06 might fidget fight midget rufuss
03/18/03 Milk Bone Bilk Moan Nacho
09/08/03 Mind Blowing Blind Mowing Nik
03/16/07 mind fuck find muck rufuss
06/08/07 Mini Wheats Weenie Meats Nacho
03/19/07 minx juice jinx moose rufuss
07/15/06 Mispost Piss Most Nacho
03/19/07 missed fuck fist muck rufuss
03/19/07 missed the lights list the mights rufuss
03/27/03 Missing Part Pissing Mart Nacho
03/19/07 missing passes pissing masses rufuss
03/19/03 Miter Saw Cider Maw Nacho
04/01/04 Mock Nik Knock Mick Nacho
12/07/05 Modeling Wax Waddling Max Nacho
10/10/02 Monkey Fart Funky Mart Rebecca
03/19/07 monkey flap flunkey map rufuss
05/11/03 Monkey House Hunky Mouse Nik
05/10/03 Mood Light Lewd Mite Nik
08/13/04 More Heat Whore Meat Nacho
05/11/03 More Stuff Store Muff Nacho
03/24/04 Mosh Pit Posh Mitt Nacho
03/27/03 Moss Flower Floss Maurer Nacho
04/12/07 moth balls both malls rufuss
06/07/07 mow grass grow mass Rufuss
06/07/07 mow ground grow mound Rufuss
03/20/03 My Art Eye Mart Nacho
06/28/07 my floor fly more Rufuss
03/20/03 My Hero Hi, Miro Nacho
04/03/04 My Race Rye (wry) Mace Nacho
05/10/06 Nacho G. Gotchyo' Knee Nacho
04/01/07 name that tune tame that noon rufuss
03/18/03 Nappy Ho Happy? No. Nacho
03/29/09 Neat 'n' Tidy Teat in Nightie Bex
04/01/07 need a brat breed a gnat rufuss
03/08/07 need sex seed necks rufuss
03/02/04 Nerdy Dog Dirty Nog Nacho
03/25/03 New Dog Dew Nog Nacho
03/27/03 New Jersey Jew Nursery Nacho
03/27/03 Newlywed Wooly Ned Nacho
03/27/03 Newlyweds Wooly Nads Nacho
04/01/07 nigger jews jigger news rufuss
05/14/07 nigger joys jigger noise rufuss
05/10/03 Night Walker White Knocker Nik
07/30/06 nine lives line knives rufuss
02/22/04 Nine West Wine Nest Nacho
04/08/06 No shame Show name rufuss
08/16/06 No Tipping Toe Nipping rufuss
10/07/02 Nooks and crannies Crooks and Nannies Rick Ferber
06/18/03 Norman Mailer Mormon Nailer Nik
05/11/03 Not a Spoon Spot a Noon Nik
06/25/07 not my job jot my knob Rufuss
04/12/06 note book boat nook rufuss
03/19/07 note the flag float the nag rufuss
05/12/03 Notebook Boat Nook Nacho
10/13/07 Oatmeal Moat Eel Nacho
06/09/07 Oil Tanker Toil Anchor Nacho
04/01/07 old far fold art rufuss
04/01/07 old fart fold art rufuss
04/01/07 one spot spun watt rufuss
12/03/04 pack of lies lack of pies
08/07/06 paint set saint pet rufuss
03/23/03 Pair of Socks Sayer of Pox Nacho
10/28/02 Pallbearer Ball Parer Nik
10/09/02 Paper Cup Caper Pup Ambrose Ferber
03/18/03 Paper Cutter Caper Putter Nacho
06/08/03 Park Lane Lark Pain Nacho
09/12/02 Parking Lot Larking Pot Ambrose Ferber
11/20/05 Parking Meter Marking Peter Rick
07/15/03 Parking Spot Sparking Pot Daryl McCormick
03/19/07 part hunk heart punk rufuss
03/27/03 Partially Missing Martially Pissing Nacho
03/21/03 Parting Shot Sharding Pot Nacho
08/15/06 parts will stump starts will pump rufuss
03/18/03 Party Line Lardy Pine Nacho
05/16/03 Pasta-Roni Rasta Pony Nacho
03/20/03 Pea Brain Brie Pain Nacho
12/07/07 Peanut Butter Knee Butt Putter Nacho
08/15/06 pears can stay stairs can pay rufuss
03/28/07 pedophile fed a pile rufuss
10/09/02 Perky Tits Turkey Pits Rebecca Ferber
03/12/07 pet nurse net purse rufuss
03/28/07 pet waste wet paste rufuss
08/10/06 pet wipes wet pipes rufuss
10/27/02 Petty Rapist Ready Papist Nik
03/28/07 phallus part palace fart rufuss
03/20/03 Phone Bill Bone Fill Nacho
03/07/07 phone calls cone falls rufuss
02/02/04 Phone Tag Tone Fag Nacho
04/18/03 PhotoShop Shodo Fop Nacho
05/11/03 Pick it in the Dark Dick it in the Park Nik
05/10/03 Pick Mayors Mick Payers (Jagger?) Nik
04/01/07 pick simply sick pimply rufuss
08/15/06 piles do start styles do part rufuss
03/06/07 pine nuts nine puts rufuss
05/10/03 Pocket Full of Rye Rocket Full of Pie Nik
07/31/06 pod cast cod passed rufuss
08/15/06 polo super solo pooper rufuss
11/01/02 Poor Guy Gore Pie Nik
04/01/07 poor taste tore paste rufuss
04/01/07 poor taste tour paste rufuss
02/17/04 Poor, dear mortal! Door...mere portal! Nacho
03/18/03 Pop Tart Top Part Nacho
11/25/03 Popcorn Cop Porn puyu
05/10/03 Port of Call Court of Paul Nik
03/20/03 Port Wine Wart Pine Nacho
03/25/03 Post Tart Toast Part Nacho
03/14/07 Pot Roast Rot Post Nacho
05/11/03 Potted Spoon Spotted Poon Nik
12/03/04 Pouring Rain Roaring Pain
04/08/06 power lines lower pines rufuss
04/08/06 power lunch lower punch rufuss
06/25/07 power tool tower pool Rufuss
11/04/02 PowerMac Maurer Pack Ambrose Ferber
03/21/03 Prarie Dog Dairy Prague Nacho
03/15/07 pray to god gay to prod rufuss
05/10/03 Pretty Ghoul Gritty Pool Nacho
05/10/06 Pretty Girl Gritty Pearl Nacho
10/16/04 Pretty good Giddy Prude Danny
07/11/05 Pretty Slick Slitty Prick Nacho
04/13/04 Pretty Top Titty Prop Hunkymouse
08/04/06 priest bare beast prayer rufuss
05/10/03 Prig Resident Rig President Nik
08/14/06 prime slices slime prices rufuss
08/09/06 printer test tinter pressed rufuss
06/07/07 pucker face fucker pace Rufuss
03/18/03 Pussy Willow Wussy Pillow Nacho
09/12/02 Rack of Lamb Lack of RAM Ambrose Ferber
05/11/03 Rad, dude! Dad, rude! Nacho
05/20/06 Rain Season Sane Reason Nacho
05/26/06 RAM Dump Damn Rump Nacho
05/11/03 Random Fights Fandom Rights! Nik
08/06/06 random tales tandem rails rufuss
03/18/03 Rape Crime Crepe Rhyme Nacho
03/19/07 rate of speeders spate of readers rufuss
03/17/04 Rather Foxy Father Roxy Nacho
05/10/06 Reach the Tomb Teach the Room Nacho
10/06/05 Read 'em and Weep Weed 'em and Reap Brose
05/11/06 Reading a book Beating a rook Nacho
04/13/06 red hat head rat rufuss
04/12/06 red hot head rot rufuss
03/20/03 Red Wine Wed Rhine Nacho
07/07/07 Refuse Rufuss Rufous Refuse
07/15/06 Repost Pee Roast Nacho
05/11/03 Right Lane Light Rain Nacho
03/22/04 River Landscape Livers can't rape Nacho
03/22/03 Roast Beef Boast Reef Nacho
03/27/03 Rock Candy Cock Randy Nacho
12/08/02 Rock Hump Hock Rump Bex
03/08/07 root beer boot rear rufuss
11/16/05 Rose Hips Hose Rips Nacho
07/07/07 Rougher Surface Suffer Rufuss
07/07/07 Rufuss Jewel Jew Face Rule
02/23/04 Run in fear Fun in rear Nacho
05/10/03 Runabout Bun a Route Nik
03/23/03 Sack of Beans Back of Scenes Nacho
03/18/03 Sad Demon Dad Semen Nacho
06/18/03 Sailor Moon Mail Her Soon Nik and Nacho
03/18/03 Salad Bowl Ballad Soul Nacho
03/24/04 Same Flavor Flame Saver Nacho
08/09/06 satin sheet shat in seat rufuss
03/28/07 sauce and tits toss and sits rufuss
08/14/06 save calories cave salaries rufuss
05/24/04 Save the Whales Wave the Sails Ambrose
04/21/06 save the whales wave the sails rufuss
03/20/03 Scaredy Cat Carroty Scat Nacho
11/06/07 ScarFace Farce Case Nacho
10/29/02 Scattered Bones Battered Scones Nik
03/26/04 Scratch Paper Patch Scraper Nacho
03/22/03 Screwball Boo Scrawl Nacho
05/11/03 Season Tour Teasin' Sewer Nik
04/01/07 seem cross cream sauce rufuss
05/17/07 seizes Jews Jesus sues Rufuss
11/16/05 Send Later Lend Satyr Nacho
03/27/03 Shadowrun Rat Ocean Nacho
05/18/07 sham Jew jam shoe Rufuss
10/27/02 Share Walls Wear Shawls Nik
07/28/04 Shaving Cream Craving Sheem Daldo
03/16/07 Shiloh Pitt Pile o' Shit Nacho
03/12/03 Shit Spoken Spit Shoken Dan Hill
03/28/07 shook hips hook ships rufuss
03/11/07 shoot from the hip hoot from the ship rufuss
04/12/07 short cut court shut rufuss
04/12/06 shot in the head hot in the shed rufuss
03/06/07 show love low shove rufuss
07/30/06 shown the blues blown the shoes rufuss
07/30/06 shown the grapes grown the shapes rufuss
10/27/02 Sick Cow Kick Sow Nik
03/19/07 sick duck dick suck rufuss
03/28/07 sign link line sink rufuss
03/18/03 Silky Mist Milky Cyst (Yuck!) Nacho
04/01/07 simple pick pimple sick rufuss
04/01/07 simply pick pimply sick rufuss
05/06/03 Singing a Ditty Dinging a City Nacho
10/28/05 Sit 'n Spin Spit 'n Sin Nacho
03/08/07 skip-flea flip ski rufuss
03/15/07 sky watch why scotch rufuss
02/17/06 Sledgehammer Hedge Slammer Nacho
10/28/02 Sleeping Bag Bleeping Sag Nik
12/14/05 Sleepytime Teepee Slime Nacho
05/10/03 Slick Fun Flick Son Nik
03/28/07 slim dick dim slick rufuss
05/10/03 Small Dog Doll Smog Nacho
06/09/03 Small Dog Doll Smog Nacho
07/07/07 Smart and Final Fart and Smile Sufurs
01/30/04 Smart feller Fart smeller Haywood Jabloughmie
03/28/07 smooth butt booth smut rufuss
05/19/06 Snag some food Fag some snood Nacho
03/20/03 Snow Blob Blow Snob Nacho
10/28/02 Sock Fleas Flock Seas Nik
08/14/06 soft lines loft signs rufuss
04/05/04 Song stuck in my head Stong sucking my head Amy
03/23/03 Soul Food Foal Sued Nacho
08/09/06 sound feeling found ceiling rufuss
08/09/06 sound healing hound ceiling rufuss
08/09/06 sound pealing pound ceiling rufuss
08/09/06 sound reeling round ceiling rufuss
04/13/07 Sour Milk Maurer Silk Nacho
04/12/06 soy bean boy seen rufuss
05/11/03 Spain's Border Pain's Sporter Nik
08/16/06 spam little lamb spittle rufuss
05/11/03 Spanish Bells Banish Spells Nacho
05/11/03 Spanish Bit Banish Spit Nik
02/02/04 Spare Buds Bare Spuds Nacho
12/04/02 Spare RAM Rare Spam Ambrose
06/25/07 speaker wire weaker spire Rufuss
12/03/04 Speed of Light Lead of Spite
03/18/03 Spelljammer Gel Spammer Nacho
03/28/07 spider bite bide her spite rufuss
03/20/03 Spilled Beer Build Spear Nacho
07/15/03 Spilled Beer Speared Bill Daryl mcCormick
03/14/07 Spotted Dick Dotted Spick Nacho
03/18/03 Standing Lamp Landing Stamp Nacho
04/12/06 steak 'n ale ache 'n stale rufuss
05/19/06 Stinky People Pinky Steeple Nacho
06/27/04 Stone Bench Bone Stench Nacho
07/31/06 stop caring cop staring rufuss
05/10/03 Store Hunt Whore Stunt Nik
04/25/03 Strong People Prong Steeple Nacho
10/09/02 Stuffed Cocks Cuffed Stocks Jeremy
03/02/04 Stupid Cunt Cupid Stunt Nacho
05/27/05 Stupid Fool Fupid Stool shestaken
04/28/03 Suck Dick Duck, Sick Nacho
02/27/08 Sucking a Finger Fucking a Singer Bex
03/30/05 Sugar Beet Booger Sheet Nacho
06/01/04 Sweaty Bollocks Betty Swollocks
05/05/07 Sweet Tart Teats Wart Nacho
03/25/04 Take a Bike Bake a Tyke Nacho
05/11/03 Take a Bit Bake a Tit Nacho
10/28/02 Take a shit Shake a tit Ambrose
10/28/02 Take a shower. Shake a tower. Sunda
08/14/06 take care cake tear rufuss
03/12/03 Talking Shit Shocking Tit Dan Hill
05/11/03 Tan Mitts Man Tits Nik
06/18/03 Tan Mitts Man Tits Nik
03/22/03 Tasty Pie Pasty Tie Nacho
08/16/06 taxing words waxing turds rufuss
05/10/03 Teen Wit Wean Tit Nik
08/14/06 tender bites bend her tights rufuss
03/27/03 Terrible Word Wearable Turd Nacho
06/29/07 test bank best tank Rufuss
03/18/03 Thailand Lie Tanned Nacho
09/12/02 The keys are in the basket The bees are in the casket Rebecca Ferber
07/23/03 Themeless Song Seamless Thong Nacho
09/16/04 Tidbit Bid Tit Nacho
03/19/07 tight lips light tips rufuss
05/10/06 Tightwad White Todd Nacho
05/22/07 time slowed slime toad Rufuss
05/10/06 Tipping Rules Ripping Tools Nacho
03/11/07 tone the abs own the tabs rufuss
04/01/07 tongue sits sung tits rufuss
08/15/06 tons of sailors sons of tailors rufuss
11/23/04 Tony Blair Baloney Tear Nacho
05/06/06 Tony Blair Baloney Tear Nacho
12/02/04 Tool Kit Cool Tit Nacho
03/28/07 toss on seat sauce on teat rufuss
04/09/03 Tote Bag Boat Tag Nacho
03/27/03 Touch my Clit Clutch my Tit Nacho
04/13/06 trail mix male tricks rufuss
04/14/07 trail pebble pale treble rufuss
03/24/04 True Jap Jew Trap Nacho
03/22/03 Trusty Dog Dusty Trog Nacho
07/19/07 tuck fart fuck tart RUFUSS
03/18/03 Turkey Parts Perky Tarts Nacho
05/10/03 Turnstile Stern Tile Nik
03/27/03 Two Sexes Sue Texas Nacho
04/12/06 under wear wonder ear rufuss
10/02/07 Use the Land Lose the "And" Nacho
03/15/07 veins of penis pains of venus rufuss
08/09/06 vomit on cue comet on view rufuss
05/11/06 Waistband Baste Wand Nacho
09/07/05 Wal-Mart Mall Wart Brose
03/24/04 Walking Tall Talking Wall Nacho
05/11/03 Warhammer Whore Whammer Nacho
02/10/06 Warhol Whore Wall Nacho
03/18/03 Way to Go! Gay, too? Whoah! Nacho
05/22/07 weird bite beard white Rufuss
05/22/07 weird tale tiered whale Rufuss
05/22/07 weird talk tiered walk Rufuss
04/12/05 Well, shit Shell Wit Ambrose
04/03/04 What Goblin? Gut Wobblin! SpoonKing
08/09/06 whip skin skip win rufuss
04/06/04 Whirlyball Burly Wall Nacho
08/15/06 white beard bite weird rufuss
03/11/07 white fish fight wish rufuss
08/16/06 white rhino right wino rufuss
08/09/06 white sleaze slight wheeze rufuss
08/09/06 white slick slight wick rufuss
05/10/03 White Tit Tight Wit Nik
08/09/06 white turd tight word rufuss
08/15/06 wide tips tide whips rufuss
09/29/07 Wild Goose Chase Wild Juice Case Jesse Owens
03/18/03 Wild Rabbits Riled Wabbits Nacho
03/18/03 Wine Making Mine Waking Nacho
12/10/05 Wine Spectator Spine-tech Waiter Nacho
03/18/03 Wine Taster Tine Waster Nacho
03/22/03 Wise Guy Guise. Why? Nacho
04/12/06 Witty Talk Titty Walk Nacho
04/01/07 won spot spun watt rufuss
04/01/07 wood floors flood wars rufuss
08/15/06 work day dirk way rufuss
06/17/07 work is done dirk is won Rufuss
04/07/03 Yammering about stew Stammering about you Nacho
08/09/06 zero harm hero's arm rufuss
08/09/06 zero heart hero's art rufuss